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My Projects

Anke Plättner from the MOMA at ARD is wearing my reversible jacket
The University Niederrhein in Mönchengladbach created her a brand new jacket for herself. I am very lucky that the jacket had such a high reputation.
Anke Plättner mit Wendejacke von Leaflor Desings by Laura Krause
University Niederrhein at Polit Fashion Night  in Berlin 2019
The Model is wearing the  reversible jacket by Leaflor. Anke Plättner is wearing the other jacket with brides colours.
Fashion Show at the Textilakademie
Fashion show at the Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences in Mönchengladbach 2019 with a short overview of the topic.
Various experiments and techniques with ink, acrylic and other media.
The process of creating the reversible jackets that I designed in the experimental design elective course.
Exhibition at Heimtextil

In the design methodology course, we were allowed to go on an excursion to Morocco and were asked to choose a topic of our choice on the home textile trends. We created designs to match this topic and were able to exhibit them at Heimtextil 2019. I chose the ocean theme because I saw a lot of plastic waste in Marrakech, both on the streets and on the beach. I wanted to draw attention to the beauty of the seas - you have to be careful with nature, we only have this one!

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